In the world of the Internet, premium domains are powerful entities. These domain names can make or break an online business when the owner allows the name to expire. If the domain owner fails to pay the quarterly or the yearly domain name renewal fees, the domains automatically become the property of the register. If you have already experienced this lesson, you know how things go.
The expired domains become available to the general public if no one bought the domains during a public auction. Sometimes, expired domains become a property of domain investors or also known as domainers and sometimes the expired domains end up in the hands of cybersquatters. But, regardless of who owns a given domain, there is a different class of domain names also known as premium domains.
Usually, premium domains have been registered for some time. Some of them are put to use and some are no longer registered or used by the owners. Many of these domain names are redirected while some of them are parked hoping that someone would come along and buy the name for their online business.
You probably are asking yourself – what qualifies a domain to be treated as a premium domain name?
Premium domains are the most popular and valuable domain names on the market. They are usually one or two-word domains with .com domain extension, are short, unique, and memorable.
Premium domains can command high visibility across popular search engines and draw global traffic for brands and businesses that use such search-friendly gems.
You cannot declare a certain name as a premium domain as there are rules here.
The keyword of the domain is probably the most important thing. The keyword is how the domain can be found online. The word or words that make up the domain identifies the value of the domain and decide which domain will be considered as a premium.
Do these domains sound appealing? Of course, they do and they should if you are a search or internet marketing company. But, you should keep in mind that there is a small chance for these domains to be available for an affordable registration.
As you noticed, these domain names are pretty expensive. But, why do premium domains cost so much?
When the demand for a specific domain increases, its value and price naturally grows due to the supply being low. In other words, it is all about demand and supply.
In order to find the perfect premium domain name, you need to allow professionals to help you. They will help you save time and money with experienced domain negotiating experience.
When it comes to determining the price of premium domains, there are a few key parameters to keep in mind. The first parameter is the age. Let’s just say it this way – anything less than 15 years old cannot be considered as a premium domain name. Besides the age, the value and price can vary based on wording or spelling, the economic trends that are popular all over the world, and the traffic that the domain is receiving.
Even though premium domain names are expensive, there is a number of reasons why people decide to pay thousands of dollars for premium domain names – because they are memorable, because of their credibility, their exponential ROI, and because they are one-of-a-kind.
So, if you want to separate from the crowd and have the best domain name on the market, buying a premium domain is definitely what you need to do!